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I KEEP GETTING DISTRACTED! This is not good at all… -.-

The MOH announced that school will still resume… -.-

I was telling the depressed souls around me, news is an everchanging thing. So it might still change. So for now, study hard, vote hard pray hard hard that things will just go well.

And something stupid, they reported that there won’t be assembly on the first day of school cause they don’t want everyone to be together on the same day. BUT AS IF THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE… -.- Cause we are still going into the HALL as a COHORT to TAKE OUR MATH PAPER. AND LECTURES WILL STILL GO ON.

They think that the only time we can actually be together as a whole school is assembly sia. -.- Sounds so stupid. DUDES, we study in a HOMEROOM SYSTEM YO! We move around, we are practically in contact everyday.

Actually, if we think of it, it might not be safe at home also, those who live in HDB flats are highly concentrated. The first floor ppl sneeze up, the last floor ppl throw their germs infested tissue down we are kena already. SO! we should just throw everyone into the sea or something so that the whole world can be safe. HEH.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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