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wah… My mum like nagging at me now. -.-

Damn irritated…

Like I know it’s all the same things budden it just gets on my friggin nerves. She keeps comparing me to herself when she was my age. How can you actually compare? I understand la! You were in a poorer environment and stuff, I respect that and everything. BUT YOU CANNOT COMPARE WHAT! You put me in the past I will alsofight through. But now we are in the present right! Can you like wake up from your slumber of living in one million years ago? 

Now is now right? Who are you to judge whether I did work or not sia. You don’t even know. Please. Results bad = never do work. Then liddat all the people in this world are going to be condemed to nothingness la! EVERYDAY MATHS MATHS MATHS, “YOUR MATHS GOT DO NOT?” “YOUR MATHS GOT DO HOW COME STILL FAIL?” SORRY LA! I never work hard enough. Happy?

RARH! Damn irritated.

Shall indulge myself in my world og music now. 

And you think I dunno what kind of deep shit I am in? You think only. To you I am some slacker who doesn’t care about my future. Hello, it’s me. I worry about it dunno how many million times more than you. Just that I don’t get on other peoples’ nerve to make my points and thoughts clear.


Okay, I feel better after ranting. 🙂

Always look on the bright side of life,

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