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Something funny during econs…

While discussing about a case study about market failure during econs…
Topic: Cigarette and it’s negative externalities…

Ms Ng: So… What type of people smoke?
Edmund: Mutts (Malay ah bengs – not the actual spelling)

Ms Ng: (-.-”’) What other types of people?
Edmund: Ah Pek!

Ms Ng: (-.-”’ ”’ ”’) As in what age do they start smking at?
Edmund: When they are Mutts. (still trying to be funny)

Ms Ng: Edmund, this is not funny arh, if you continue on with this I will get angry, can you imagine how Fazall feels? Fazall, you can take this?

*Fazall shrugs and nods*

Hui Ling whispers to XH: I thought Fazall Indian?

Wah!!! I tell you ultimate! I laugh like damn hard la. Seldom that such super funny episodes reveal themselves. But yeah. HAHA!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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