Farewell was quite a blast man.

Yeah. Like a lot of photos sia… abit lazy to put everything up. Go my facebook if you want. AHA! Yeah I have facebook now people. Teehee…

Main thing is not really this farewell event. As in, not that I am not crediting the J1s for holding a fantasic farewell, (by the way they did a great job) it’s just farewell is a lot more than just byebye.


Like what happened in secondary school, everything has to come to an end. No matter how much you can’t put it down, you still have to put it down. Maybe that is why till now I still have to check back on the choir blog regularly and go to the choir room to say hi to the juniors. Cause I just really miss everything so so much.

And I need to slowly let go.


Actually, just today, Zer was asking me whether I want to join consort to sing for choral elite, cause if I join, she will join, or just anyone la basically. But the thing is, I don’t really want to join a different choir. There is a very great difference when you are in school in a choir.
I don’t want to lose the feelings a great memories that I have in this choir, you know. I am scared that going into a new choir, like consort, all my great feelings and sentiments will disappear. And I will leave choir eventually just because I do not like it.

I want to leave it loving it. I want to leave with a great piece of memory. Like how I left PL choir (will be better is some TT never taint my memory) and how I am leaving MJ choir now.

Standing on the same stage, singing with the group of people I know, the group of people I love, the group of people that I have spent great times with. Even if you tell me that this is a group of very great singers, I will still feel uncomfortable.

Know what I mean?

The magic happens when you are with a group that is not perfect, sing with all your heart,practice and try to close up the gaps,  and manage to pull off a great performance. That is when you realise, everyone has grown, everyone, this is it. I am so proud of all of you. We did it…


I love it. Really.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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