Thanks Alynn… and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Okayokayokay! I am back to blogging, after abandoning my blog for dunno how long. -.-

It’s a brand new year people! AHAHA! 2010 all the way!!! And before I actually start on anything…

YAY! CLAY AIKEN!!!! I know he’s gay but I don’t care!!! He sings well and that is all that matters. (Please don’t comment on his hairy hand) -.-

New year with the new start yeah humans! Whoots! (I think I have lost my abilities to blog for not blogging for so long)

Moral of the story, always keep blogging.

As every year goes by, it just gets better and better. Like 2007 was great, until 2008 came, until 2009 came and now, I really can’t wait for my new year of 2010. In terms of my growth of relationships with the people around me, growth of myself and the growth of my walk with God.


Just the other day, I was stoning on the bus, plugging into my anti-social technology called the MP3 and just thinking.

Thinking of how my life has been different since I left PL in 2007.
Of how everything has changed for people since then.
How some precious ties are still kept there and how some continues to grow.

Hence paralleling these accounts to the fullstop in my JC walk.
How is everything going to end up 2 years down the road?

I anticipate for great things to happen. I await for great things that will happen.

For 2010 is just gonna be greater than the past 18 years of me life man! Ahaha!

P.S. My blog posts are so boring now… -.- Maybe I should crack some jokes.

Joke: Recently, my mum told me: “You going for your camp instructor job already horh! Please buy some insect REPERRENT. The lemon GLLASS kind.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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