Suddenly think that my chinese is super pro. I was typing profusely in chinese to communicate with my china friends and my sentences sound coherent. Or at least I think I sound coherent cause they seem to understand the idea I want to express so that’s GOOD.

Anyway, funny story, my dad decided to bless me with a cook book BUDDEN! DUM DUM DUM! We have no oven at home leh how? How to bake i ask you? I need to go CC and rent an oven to bake. Or bake it under the sun? Am still thankful for the book though, cause I like to look at peekchures of foood. Oh glorious food.

Anyway yes, back my popular demand I should prolly start to blog stuff again. Actually it is not popular demand, it was just Vanessa and Eileen hounding but let me dwell in this moment of fame.

Posting as I am thinking so what you are experiencing is like word vomit. I should prolly stop, super hungry now. Before I get off my seat and go snack I should get myself to bed and sleep.


thankful for all of you!

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