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Missing you…

I miss my secondary school life all of a sudden…

Maybe cause somewhere deep inside me I was looking forward to the class outing tmr… But now it was kinda postponed… I miss the times we spent together as a class…

Come to think of it, my life has been filled with accidents. Accidents that made me who I am  today. Accidents not in the bad sense but in the good sense.

Primary school was quite a blur, let’s not look into that. Haha.
After I got my PSLE results, I wanted to get into Cedar and thought that I will get into Cedar. Thus I randomly chose a school to place as my second choice. That school is none other than PL.

At that point of time, I was quite disappointed, cause I wanted to get into Cedar quite badly. But then, being myself, I was lazy to go appeal and stuff. So i just went on with my life in PL thinking that what is meant to be is meant to be.

And true enough, I enjoyed my 4 years in PL.  PL might not be the best school in Singapore, but it will always remain as the best school in my heart.
The friends that I made there are for life.
The experiences that I had there are for life.

Going down memory lane…
Sec 1: Was quite a blur… Most significant eventin my life is probably getting into PB and participating in the 2004 PL musical. Choir and PB played such important roles in my secondary schoo life and this is where I began.

Sec 2: Where choir managed to get a GOLD for SYF for the first time. I still remember crying and jumping for joy at that very moment. I screamed so much that I lost my voice and I cried till my eyes were puffy. I can’t tell you how happy I was at that instant…
Also, Kunimng CIP trip, where I got to ecperience God for the first time. Got to know Eileen from there.

Sec 3: Hectic year where we start to assume responsibilities. But the highlight is probably 3A2! Got into the same class as Alynn, Lizzie, Kristle, Lin Yi, Joanne, Jia Yan, Char Seow and Michelle + Jessica (in austriallia now). And got close to them, forming what we call squatters today. And espically Alynn, though I knew her from choir, I never really got to the chance to know as in know her.
Music marathon, 90 hours of music making that got our school into the book of records. The various number of outings. Winning volleyball… All the memories built in sec 3 with the class and squatters.
Got into the exco for PB and choir, another 2 groups of people that impacted my life A LOT. Got to know more about people like Melissa Chan, and of course all the exco members.
Mr Jusof’s departure from PL choir… And the changing of conductors.

Sec 4: Went through a lot of changes. There are too many things that happened on this year, that if I type out what I want to say, This post will be longer that all my posts in this blog combined. Funfair… teacher’s day… SYF 2007… choir farewell… I miss everything.


Throughout the sec 3 and 4 years… the number of events that we handled: P6 camp, First day of school, Decorating the PB room, Painting the PB room, Installation, synapse… … all the way to graduation service. I enjoyed my journey with the PLPB exco very much.

Choir comm, we went through the bad times and also the good times… You know what I mean by bad times, and by good times, choir camp, Practices, Kaleidescope, Symphony of praise and everything. I really miss those singing times (WHEN I WAS STILL IN ALTO 2) and the joking about and everything.

To Eileen, Alynn, Vanessa, Lizzie… (Basically, lunch gang)
There might be times now that I don’t really keep in contact with you guys and stuff. But I will never ever ever disregard you guys as friends. And I say this statement acrossmy heart. I am sorry if for any reason I gave you the feeling that I do not want to continue with this friendship after JC, but I will never EVER feel this way. But you guys are the truest friends that I have ever made, I won’t throw it away so easily. Not chatting does not mean that I don’t think you are important. Your place in my heart will always be there cause you have earned it. So please… don’t feel like we are drifting apart. For I am still me and you are still you.

As life moves on, I want to continue remembering all these things. I want to think of it once in a while and feel comforted and lucky.

For you can take me out of PL, but never PL out of me.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Since I am flying off on the 3rd and will be unable to blog on the 5th which is YOUR BDAE! I shall dedicate this post to YOUUUU!!!!

I seem to have only this picture of you… BUT SINCE I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA (CONGRATULATE ME), I will be able to take more unglam shots of you in the future…

7 things about Eileen
1. Eats her food damn slowly like she got all the time in the world liddat.
2. Always late for at least 15 minutes, even if we are meeting her at her VOID DECK
3. Got to know XH through Kunming trip in 2005 cause we were in the same group and we were room mates in the hotel! (Xh made a cup of tasteless tea for her when she was sick)
4. On the phone buddy, you can count on her to distress you on the phone.
5. Calls herself tallie number 2 and always makes fun of XH’s height although she AM NOT VERY SHORT IN MY SCHOOL.
6. Walks like a penguin.


7. A great friend in which I thank God for blessing me with.


I really thank God for placing such a friend in my life.

You should come to my house one of these days and we shall go eat banana prata after that. hurhurhur… BANANA PRATA WAN SUI!!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Memories… :)

Recently, this song is stuck in my head

The smile on your face
Makes me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes
Saying you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says
You’ll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say nothing at all

It’s all thanks to Vanessa Lee Shi Qi and her blog lah… -_-”’
This song holds quite a lot of memories.

AND, today, I kept singing this song in my head.

Our school is the place I love best
For our school isn’t like all the rest
For our love makes something special
Out of our school everyday

Yep. Life would not have been coulourful without the people and their love.

I pray that God will continue to watch over everyone and that I will be able to find truetruetruetrue fellowship in my new walk of life.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Found this on youtube, uploaded by Maryanne. Found it on her blog also. HOW COME I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS CLIP?


Last year, when we first moved into the new premis, the school bell wasn’t programmed properly and there were a lot of times when the fire alarm got set off accidentally. Fire drills are already in a sense “fake”, so we have a fake “fake” alarm set off at least 3 times everyday. So much so that we are immune to such a thing. When the real fire drill took place, we were telling ourselves that it was another fake bell. in the end, the whole school was scolded by Mdm Dhillion. 

Still remember the day when this happened, we were having physics as can be seen from the video as Mr. Low was standing there. Mr. Low did not seem to care much as he kinda knew that it was a fake fire drill. As all of us were “panicking”, he just said, “Do your work lah! You won’t die.”

Alynn was yelling, “Mr. LOW! You can’t do this to us!!! What if we die? WHAT IF WE GET BURNT ALIVE?” Of course, that was to spice up the already funny atmosphere. I was shouting, “The fire damn power, raining still can burn woah!” cause at that point of time, it was raining.

I miss my class a lot man. 😀

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Good Friday was GREAT!

Met up with Eileen, Vanessa and Lizzie at Eileen’s house de void deck.
The story starts…

Went to Eileen’s house de void deck at 3.45.
Nobody was there.
Called Vanessa and checked it I made any mistakes.

So, I sat there and emo’ded to myself as I waited for the arrival of everyone.
Eileen arrived first with her super big <INTERACT> shirt.
She then sat down and started reading on her GP stuff, so hardworking.
Vanessa arrived shortly after and started snapping away with her suaku tourist camera.
She then took out her nice nice camera and took photos.

First failed attempt

Second “passed” attempt

Apparently, I was too tall, thus I had to make myself shorter.
Lizzie then arrived on the 70metres bus as according to Eileen after being stuck in a traffic butter.

We then took bus 53 to go airport to eat chicken.

Yadayadayada, we talked on the bus.
yadayadayada, we talked about a particular someone.
Yadayadayada, we hoped that something will change the person.

REached our beloved Changi airport in which might not have been there if Mas Selemat succeeded in bombing it. Ate chicken at popye’s. Half-way through the meal, we got a call from renee saying that we were supposed to be there at 6.00pm and not 6.30pm. So all of us were late.

Had to rush through our meal and some person did not finish her chicken and wanted to bring it for renee. -__-”’ Some person was also supposed to finish the biscuits since she loves them but did not finish it. Some person is definitely not Eileen Ong since she eats so slowly, some person is also definitely no Vanessa since she thinks that the whole thing was disgusting, some person will definitely not be me cause I will never speak of myself badly. (: So we HAVE A FINALIST FOR SOME PERSON! LIZZIE YAP MIN YEN!!!

We then took MRT to expo for the service where some person terrorized me on the train. Mas Selemat number 2 out to bomb the train.

For pictorial evidences to how I was bullied, please go to

Of course, all the picture that you see on this blog is from her. -_-”’

Reached expo shortly, although we were late, we managed to catch a short session of worship. The video showed on snipets of Passion of the Christ with the song was also very touching. Got me thinking more about the true meaning of Good Friday.

Meassage shared today was about marriages, and how to make it really work and stuff. At first, I was thinking that it might have been abit in appropriate for us but it turned out all right. At then end, you will wish that you were married to someone. Haha. Really enjoyed service.

Took REnee de father de car to Serangoon MRT station to take MRT home. Talked about how assembly will never start if lizzie is in AVA and how everyone will get food poisoning if renee is in culinary club.

Of course, the day would not have been so enjoyable without the fellowship of people I love. I would have been better if Alynn was around but she had something on. (date with bf arh) haha. Can so imagine Alynn with her bf.


Life is great worzhsz!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Don’t really have a specific something to blog about so I did not have a title and stuff. 😀

Anyways, SCHOOL STARTS AT 8.30AM tmr!!! So happy! 

Had choir till 7.35PM. By the time we stall and everything, I reached the bus stop at aroun 7.50PM. The power of stalling. Took bus and reached home at around 8.30PM liddate. Bathed and ate my dinner, by the time, it was 9.30PM. HAHA! YIPEE!!! Still quite HIGH!

Choir was quite fun. Got to know a lot of crazy people and stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow’s choir session+singing dumb songs session.

P.S. The singing dumb songs part is where we come together to sing childhood songs.

Haha. Talking about choir makes me miss PL choir. 4 years! These 4 years flew past like a wind. I still remember the days where we rehersed for the school musical is sec 1. The days we prepared for SYF in sec 2. The joy and tears when we got Gold that year. The days in which we started out journey as leaders. The disappointment when we got Silver if 2007 SYF. I really miss PL choir.

Beloveds minus off Sec 1s this year.
Acting lian WORHKXZSXZ!

I miss then and of course the committee but I realise that I don’t have a picture oh the whole comm together as just the comm. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Yesterday 10/3/08. 

Movied with Eileen and Alynn. Watched “The Leap Years” with them.
Cried like someone died through the movie. Come to think of it, such things will never happen in real life, but still, most movies are fictional so who cares. As long as there is a happy ending, everyone wil be happy.

The movie was not as bad as I expected, cause I heard that it wasn’t nice and stuff. But overall, I kinda enjoyed it. AND THE THAI GUY DAMN HOT! (*drools)

Also, I realise that I seldom take photos with Alynn and Eileen when we go on outings or wahtever. So no photos here.

We abandoned our initial plan of going to the airport to study and went to heartland mall instead. Alynn had to leave us as she had to go make passport to elope with her boyfriend.

So off we go to heartland KFC to have our lunch.

Eileen and her “I want to eat chicken” Chicken.

Eileen spending 1 hour eating her mashed POTATO

As you can see from the picture, the old man is pointing at her and telling her to hurry up, CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW SLOW SHE WAS??? CAN YOU CAN YOU!?!?!?!?

Got distracted while doing maths. Ended up doing nothing. BUT I taught Eileen ong Partial FRACS!!! YIPPEEE!!! And I earned enough money to buy bicycle on her mr bean game. HAHA.

P.S. I can’t eat another durian PanCAKE.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Well done EXCO! Synapse ended on quite a high note last night and we loved it loads. You people are the best! WOHOOO! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and cheers for SYNAPSE! HIP HIP hurray! HIP HIP hurray! HIP HIP hurray!

Ohoh, for all those who are new to this, synapse is a one-day camp held by our school with ACS(B) as the co-host. It is a tradition to hold it every year. We invite leaders of other schools to our school for this event and have a time of bonding. YEAH!!!

SO! Synapse all the WAYYY!!! WOHOO!!!

Was only there at around 4.00 p.m. as we had cell before synapse. 😀

Also, all the photos that you are about to see are sources from 

FYI: This is Neopet no. 1’s shirt. haha.
This year’s shirt is so nice! Not saying that our year’s shirt is not nice but will you just look at this shirt? I want this shirt tooo…

After cell, Vanessa, Renee and I went to school to check out everything. At that point of time, they were still having mass games at the track and everyone was getting wet everywhere. SO, we stayed in the canteen to slack off and eat their left over from lunch food. Esther W was there since 1. And Serena was there since early morning.

Slacking off in the canteen
Renee Tan Does not know how to eat her ice pop and dripped the ice pop juice all over the table, she then left for her sister’s celebration dinner and that was the last we saw of her. Heeheehee…

Apparently, Renee is not the only one who does not know how to eat an ice-pop. Christabel from NATIONAL JUNIOR COLLEGE, one of the TOP 5 JCs in Singapore, does not know how to eat it as well. YEAH PPL! YOUR ANALOGICS HEAD OF 2007 DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT ICE-POP! (hahaha…)

Moving on, people started flowing in, lizzie came and we took another exco 07 photo minus off Clara, Sherrie and Renee. Lina and Lai Theng came back as well to check out synapse.

Yeah! Almost happy Family!

Time flew and soon, it came the time for camp fire. CAMP FIRE’S BURNING NOW!!! BURN BURN BURN!!! Thank God for the great weather that day as we got to have a real fire and see stars at night since the sky was so clear.

People who were at synapse
Serena was grabbing onto her shirt as she was afraid that Christabel would do something to her. HAHA! It’s so her. Funny trait that will be remembered by all of us.

And Mrs Lee lights the CAMP FIRE!!!


Going back for synapse really brings back our memories for a lot of things. The times we spend together and the whole synapse that took place last year. SYNAPSE.COM – welding together as a whole to win. Through all these events, we have really learnt about working together as one.

Why do we love going back to school? Cause it is like a time capsule that keeps all our memories in its walls, when we go back, the memories will flood back. And we get reminded of the times that we spent together. The people especially! I love everything and everyone around me cause God placed me there.

M for MJC! HAHA!

Will my memories become blur? I don’t think so, cause I don’t want it to. And those who are around me do not want it that way as well. We will continue to meet up and we will enjoy the fellowship for the rest of our lives. CHEERS!

Exco 2007. Cheerios.
Of course, there are a lot of other people in PL too!
Choir comm, lunch gang, 4A2, Squatter.
Will talk about all of them! NO WORRIES!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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It is tomorrow, and that would be it!

It has been tough for you to work for 2 years BUT YOU CAN DO IT ONE!!!
A little more! RUN LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!
Know that you have been quite bothered by some things
BUT DON’T BE! Cause God will make the way in the end like how He made the way for us. He is the way the truth and the light.


Also, to my brother, all the best and hang on!
Play the instrument correctly tmr and manage the food properly.
You treat my MEI ZI nicely I tell you,

Prayer list
– Nobody will fall sick all of a sudden
– Everyone will be alert and bright tmr
– That it won’t rain and we WILL have a camp fire.
– Specially: EXCO 08 + Neopet no. 1

Always look on the bright side of life,

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PL outing

Went back to PL today.
Waited outside the school gate at 2.20 pm as I did not want to look like some retard in front of the juniors in school. Oh yah. Was waiting for A and E.

So, A and E arrived at the bus stop opposite the school. A saw me holding a poster and started running like some crazy fan. She did not even know what was in the poster. -__-”’ So they reached the traffic light and I flashed the poster from the other side of the road for A to see. I tell you, that person could have been ran over by a car. She wanted to run across the road after she saw Jay Chou de Big FACE. Good thing E was there to stop her. BUT, I tell you arh, if it was Danson, both of them would have been knocked down by the car.

So obvious who they are already. Let us unveil these 2 mysterious characters. ALYNN AND EILEEN!!! THE 2 WHO ARE COMPLETELY CRAZY ABOUT STARS!!! GO TAKE ASTRONOMY LAHH!!!

So, as I was saying, we went back to PL. This batch of sec 1s were not as bad as I expected. They were seriously better then the previous batch of sec 1s. A hope of PL’s survival is reignited. *BEAM OF LIGHT!

We went to the PL cafe to check it out. Eileen had her delifrance bread thing.

Eileen had her delifrance BREAD thing.

Eileen had her delifrance bread thing.

Eileen had her delifrance bread thing.

Eileen had her delifrance bread thing.

Eileen had her delifrance bread thing.

Why did I type it so many times? Cause she took a super long time to eat her bread. SUPER LONG. We were there for 45 minutes just for her to eat her bread. How did you survive secondary school days arh? -__-… All the best for JC life. You will be in my prayers.

Prayer list
Dear God oh heavenly Father, please bless Eileen Ong with speen while she eats her breakfast/lunch.dinner be it whether it is noodle, KFC chicken, Cafe cartel, KOBA or BREAD.

There, I believe she will be able to eat faster from now on. May the force be with you.

So, after the super long bread eating, we went to pay Miss Gan a visit. She is still the same. Our beloved Grandmother. Love her mans. wohooo.

Went to the 4A2’s ex-homeroom after that. nothing much from there.

After which, Alynn and I went for choir whereas the slow bread-eater went home.
The Jay Chou fanatic+ the cool dude went to check out choir.
Poor choir did not have a proper place to sing all thanks to _______
I believe you all know how to fill in the blanks lah horh?
Learn in primary school before.

All the best for choir and PB for the upcoming installation. 😀

I miss every single thing about PL and there can never be a better secondary school in this world.

Prayer list
1) Upcoming installation
2) Tmr’s outing
3) Next week de orientation.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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