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The week ends and starts…

Monday again, significance of a new beginning… 🙂

Had to climb up to the 4th floor 3 times. Mondays are so draining…

Got this photo from Angelica of Zer, PH and I emoing on the school swing during choir camp. We look damn reatarded can…

We look like some secret society gang the big brAthers. You know… something like gang leaders of some dunno what huahua gang.

Maths test on Thursday in which I have not prepared myself for yet. If I fail and get like single digit, it will be nothing but my fault.

Empower me, like the rushing river flowing to the seas
Lord send Your holy spirit flowing out through me
Till I’m living as your chid, victorious and free
Send the power of Your love empower me.


All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can’t make it through without a way back into love

For some reason, these 2 lines speack very strongly.
Read between the lines.


Always look on the bright side of life,

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Memories… :)

Recently, this song is stuck in my head

The smile on your face
Makes me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes
Saying you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says
You’ll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say nothing at all

It’s all thanks to Vanessa Lee Shi Qi and her blog lah… -_-”’
This song holds quite a lot of memories.

AND, today, I kept singing this song in my head.

Our school is the place I love best
For our school isn’t like all the rest
For our love makes something special
Out of our school everyday

Yep. Life would not have been coulourful without the people and their love.

I pray that God will continue to watch over everyone and that I will be able to find truetruetruetrue fellowship in my new walk of life.

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Alive and kicking

Kinda dead beat.
Slept at 5 on monday morning and 3 on tuesday morning.
Doing my maths MI tutorial now.
Also, I failed my lit assignment and maths test.



For the strength to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
For everything that’s true
I turn to You

Long day ahead tomorrow.

State of mind now:

Actually, I just wanted to find a reason to put up this picture cause it is super cute… Hee… But I really am quite tired. I WANNA SLEEP!

Status: Doing maths and reading econs.

Always look on the bright side of life,


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Heard some jokes recently that are super funny.

Qn: Why is Mas Selemat two-third (2/3) woman?
Ans: Cause he is one-third (wanted) man.


For people who take econs…
Qn: What type of good (normal, inferior, luxury…) is KFC?

LOSL (laugh out super loud)

Speaking of which, my friends are complaining about how they can hear my laughter, voice or whatever from dunno how far away.

“Wah, I was walking into the school and I could hear your laughter”
“I could hear you from the 4th floor” (I was on the first floor)
“Everytime I see you, you are talking”
“I could hear your laughter from the book stall when you are buying drinks.” (very far away)
“Are you drunk?”

Yeah. Coolness for cool people like me.

Status: Rushing out PI

Always look on the bright side of life,

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YEAH! Got new specs!

They look quite nerd and I look quite retarded in them. So yeah.

Don’t think I will be wearing them on a regular basis.

I miss my orange speccs. 😦

It has been through thick and thin with me…

You will always remain in my heart, orange specs… You have brought out the quirky side in me and saw me through the tough sec 3 and 4 years.  As much as I forgot to bring you along for my emaths Os cause I forgot to wear my specs, you have really been there for me for like, erm… A LOT OF THINGS. I am really sorry about waht happened to you, I promise that I will not forget about you. You will still be kept as one of my treasured memories together with my past specs. yeah… Don’t feel left out…

Memories with my specs
As much as I look retarded

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Yeah! I love this song! PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO IT!

Here is the music video of the song. Titled YOU AND ME by some unknown guy called June.  
As you can see the video, there is this big eyes guy who is not bad looking and stuff. Haha. Yeah. His name is Kento Hayashi and he is 17! Yeah, I think that he is very cute workhzsxszx! Haha.

Cried a lot towards the end of this video. Mostly due to the song.

It is a japanese song and here are the lyrics to the song.

JuneYou And Me
sunao na kimochi fuini kikareta
kayoi nareta kaerimichi
keredo omoi no tada hitostumo
ienai kurai bukiyou de

surechigau sono wakeni
yureru kono kokorowa kizukenakute

kitto kimiwa yasashisugita
boku ni kakushitsuzuketa namida
you and me.. demo koko kara inoru yo..
hitori sono atarashii shiawasewo

yamikumo na hibi tsumetai beddo ni taore
kono yoru ni omou
imagoro dokode dareno yumewo
anoitoshisade mitsumeteiru?
hitamukina sono munewa
kono boku no kotonado wasureteru ne?

kitto bokuga yowasugita
kimiwo mamoru jishinga nakute
oh you and me dakedo imamo kawarazu
kasukana hikari wo mitsume tsuzuketeru

tomadoi nagara hanasenai yume to
kimino me ga toikaketekuru
bokuwa doushitainda
hontou wa doushitainda?
imamo wakaranai yo

kitto kimiwa wakattetanda
atari ni kakerarenai mamano
for you and me
boku no tame ni eranda
sayonara sono yasashisawo wasurenai

for you and me
kono omoi dakewa tsutaetai
you and me
dakara bokuwa kesenai kimino kioku wo daite

If you LOVE THE SONG! I uploaded the song in the MYBOX thingy. Yeah. Please look to your right. You see that green box? YES YES? NO? Yeah, you can play the original soundtrack from the thingy. OH YAH! Please express your gratitude to MY SIS for downloading the song for me! LURBXZXSX EUUUX WORHKXSZX!

Hope you people like the song. 😀 I love it.

As much as it is in Jap, the music has already spoken the meaning and I don’t think that there is a need to look at the translation. SERIOUSLY!!! PLEASE GO LISTEN! I know how some of you will just skip it. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT!!! SUPER SUPER NICE!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Outing PLANS!

1. Go sentosa FLY KITE then go vivo WATCH MOVIE
2. Go zoo to take SPARSTIC PHOTOS and visit AH MENG’S GRAVE
3. Trespass into Serangoon North ABANDONED CAMPUS
4. Walking along SINGAPORE RIVER fron start till end.
5. Going to ECP to cycle and CHUI FENG at the jetty
6. Go to KBOX and SPAM + SING
7. Go back to PL to play BASKETBALL
8. Go to MACRITCHIE treetop walk to WALK then PICNIC at reservoir
10. Go SCIENCE CENTRE  to watch 3D movies
11. Go War memorial to visit the NOBLE PEOPLE
12. Go court room to listen to COURTS IN SESSION!

So fun!!! Please, if you are interested, sign up for any of the aboce. Looking for people to explore such places with me. 😀 It WILL BE SO FUNNN!!!

Always look on the bright side of life,

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